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NACS Certificate issued on all our work…

NACS Certificate importance cannot be overstated.

All work is covered and guaranteed by the industry standard, NACS Certificate. This proves to you and your insurance company, that all works on your appliances and flues, complies to a regulated standard and complies with all current building and government regulations.

Moreover, using CCTV, (see our dedicated CCTV Flue inspection page) The Chimney Sweep Company can advise you of problems up your flues before you are even aware they may be a problem.

This considerably reduces the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and potential fire risk.

“After a chimney has been swept, the Chimney Sweep must issue an Industry Standard Certificate of Chimney Sweeping. Should any defects or dangerous occurrences arise, they must be recorded, an Industry Standard Warning Notice and label be issued, and records kept.” 1

Shown, is a copy of the issued certificate on all our completed work.


In the event of a complaint concerning the work, it should, in the first instance be referred to us within seven days.  If satisfactory response is not made, contact the NACS who will do its best to resolve such a complaint.

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NACS Certificate issued after each flue has been cleaned and complies with all regulations
National Association of Chimney Sweeps

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